Ingenium Resource Staffing
About Us
Ingenium Resource Staffing specializes in providing effective customer service education. We analyze and evaluate your specific business. Our training seminar will then focus on the following topics:

Effective Complaint Management
The Hostility Curve
Diffusing Anger
Proactive Responsibility
Telephone Etiquette

We provide a wide range of nurse staffing solutions such as: per diem, temp-to-hire, flex, short/long term contracts, and direct placements. Nursing contracts on the local level vary from 4-13 weeks. In addition, once you have completed the credentialing process, we provide access to our online open scheduling system.

When asked what makes Ingenium Resource Staffing different, the answer is simple; our staff are trained on the basic expectations that our company insists on. They are:

Our president, Terri Horn, has over 20 years of management experience, customer service training and public speaking.  As a manager, Terri knows that your business is only as good as the overall experience.
In today's market, the customer experience will determine the viability of your company.